Forming Family By Heart

The Never Alone Foundation was born of a deep wish to honor and carry on the legacies of Laurel, Hannah, Zoe and Lucy Constantinides. Laurel was a true champion of adoption and more so, a true champion for love. And there was no more beautiful witness to this than in her three daughters. Laurel dedicated her life to the making of the family. Through her daily life as a mother, through her work as an adoption social worker and through her constant support of the adoption community at large, she went out of her way to create the family. These four people touched every person they met and brought light to the world. 

We invite you to walk with us on this journey as we endeavor to build upon their labor of love by continuing to create family and community through the gift of adoption.

Alex Constantinides

President of the Board

Jen Shaner

Executive Director

How You Can Help

The first question people always ask is, “How can I help?” This is where you’ll find that answer! We are only as strong as our supporters, so thank you, so much, for giving your time, heart and energy to help us support families, build community and pave the way for adoption.


Your donations ensure that we are able to help families along the path of international adoption. Every donation matters to every one of our families forming by heart. You can also dedicate your donation to one of our grant programs or special projects.


It is through our grant programs that we hope to have the most immediate impact, but we also hope to leverage our position and resources to build and nurture community by providing a central point of education, information, referral and connection.


The foundation has events throughout the year that are in need of volunteer help, if you are interested in volunteering,
please email or call Executive Director, Jen Shaner, at 719-597-6472.