Our Story



Alex and Laurel Constantinides built their family through international adoption.  They had three amazing daughters, Hannah and Zoe, both of whom were adopted from China, and their blessing from Korea, Lucy.  Laurel and Alex were incredible parents who worked tirelessly to answer the unique call of each of their girls. Their family became a beacon for international adoption, and Laurel, especially, lit the way for other adoptive families.

It was after Laurel and Alex welcomed Hannah home that Laurel began applying her degree in social work to serve the adoption community.  Laurel quickly became hugely sought after in the agencies with whom she worked.  First and foremost an adoptive parent, Laurel’s way of doing her work was dynamic and engaging. The families she served were inspired by her love and encouragement, and she had a unique way of empowering parents in their relationships with their children.

If Laurel was the adoptive family’s biggest champion, Hannah, Zoe and Lucy were its biggest ambassadors.  Each sweet girl touched every person they met with their own unique fingerprint; Hannah with her deeply compassionate care for everyone around her, Zoe with her spark and spunk and Lucy with her grace and absolute joy.

On July 19, 2011, a tragic accident took Laurel, Hannah, Zoe, and Lucy away from everyone who loved them. Because of the fingerprints, they left on every heart they touched, their deaths came as a significant blow to the local adoption community in Colorado.

Established in their memory, The Never Alone Foundation is a continuation of the Constantinides Family’s heartbeat in the adoption community. Serving families who adopt internationally is the most natural expression of loving and honoring this one-of-a-kind woman and her three extraordinary daughters.

Countless families benefited from Laurel’s insight, wisdom, friendship and support while they were forming their families by heart.  With the foundation’s creation, the legacy of support, community and family will continue far into the future by closing long standing gaps for adoptive families in funding, connection and services.