Zoe’s Rainbow

Never Alone assists parents in bringing orphaned children home by helping them with the immense expense involved in international adoption.

Families must be working with a COA/Hague accredited agency and must also have an approved home study in order to apply for and receive funding.

Grants may be awarded for the full amount required to adopt a child or a percentage of that amount.

Zoe’s Rainbow grants will be awarded in amounts generally not to exceed $25,000, per grant award.

To ensure you are eligible for this grant program, please review the General Grant Guidelines before proceeding.

All applicants to Zoe’s Rainbow will be required to submit:

  1.  General Grant Application
  2.  Financial Worksheet and all required attachments
  3.  Zoe’s Rainbow Statement of Need
  4.  Copies of the 1st two pages of current year taxes and previous year, with social security numbers blacked out, as well as W-2 and 1099-Misc if applicable.
  5.  Grant recipients will be asked to sign a release to use your family’s name in all promotion of grant awards
  6.  Letter of good standing from your adoption agency
  7. HIPAA Disclosure Form
  8. Send completed applications to director@laurelsmessage.org or to The Never Alone Foundation PO Box 715 Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems downloading the forms.